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Didn’t Remove Your Makeup Again? Here’s What You’re Facing

The ritual of removing your makeup makes some sigh in exhaustion. For many, it’s easier to cheat and just leave it until the morning. Doing that once in blue moon may be okay. When you make a habit out of it or regularly do a half-assed job, that’s when you suffer the consequences.  What starts …

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Coconut Oil: Hero, Villain, or Both

Coconut Oil: Hero, Villain, Or Both?

It’s official: coconut oil is the devil. It’s high in saturated fat will kill you faster than your daily steak and eggs  breakfast. Or is it that the oil is the ‘exotic’ superfood more people should eat? Confused? You’re not alone. Just as there’s a mountain of research lauding the drupe(one seed fruit) as a …

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