How To Find The Best Hashtags For Your Content Promotion

Tripping along to find good hashtags to use for your content marketing purposes is frustrating and exhausting. How do you know which ones are good? Which ones are weak? Which ones are ‘hot’? Or, and this is the most important one, which hashtags are banned? On Instagram, shadowbanning is real. The last thing you want …

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Eat to Glow: 5 Foods that Help Heal Acne Breakouts | SkinCessories Blog

Eat To Glow: 5 Foods That Heal Acne Breakouts

Pimples, Zits, Class Pictures, oh Sh*t It’s said that 80% to 85% of 11-30 year olds have acne breakouts. I was one of them. I remember being hit with a breakout just as we were taking student pictures. Sure, I smiled but still, it was like my face erupted out of spite. Embarrassing but normal …

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Coconut Oil: Hero, Villain, or Both

Coconut Oil: Hero, Villain, Or Both?

It’s official: coconut oil is the devil. It’s high in saturated fat will kill you faster than your daily steak and eggs  breakfast. Or is it that the oil is the ‘exotic’ superfood more people should eat? Confused? You’re not alone. Just as there’s a mountain of research lauding the drupe(one seed fruit) as a …

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Hemp Oil: The Not-So-Secret Skin Care Powerhouse | SkinCessories Blog

Hemp Oil: The Not-So-Secret Skin Care Powerhouse

When you first hear the term “hemp oil,” you’re not wrong to think of marijuana. It’s from the same plant. The difference is that for ages, people and businesses used hemp industrially. It’s like a forgotten industry in the shadow of its controversial cousin. But, thanks to the renewed conversation about marijuana, hemp is finally …

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Facial Oils for Oily Skin | SkinCessories

Is Facial Oil Good For Oily Skin? Better Believe It

Having oily skin can be a pain. Imagine, it’s a windy, dry day. You go about your day not thinking about anything but getting stuff done. It’s only when you’re relaxing and getting ready for bed that you feel the effects of the day. Looking in the mirror, your skin looks duller than usual. Blame …

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Just A Thought: Content Isn’t Easy

"Content: There is no easy button" - Scott Abel - SmarketryBlog Content MarketingI’m fortunate to be in writing mode most of the time for most of my life. Am I the greatest writer who doesn’t have to work that hard to produce content that compels? I. WISH. 😕

I often think I still have to work that much harder than many because the exact opposite is true. To
put words out there, to put COMPELLING words out there takes practice and practice and then…you practice some more. 😏
Now with video in the mix (and I’ve discovered I’m just a bit shy about videoing myself to boot 😛), you have more ways to express and compel, which can become harder because now consistency is a bigger part of the game. Content creation is essential and there’s no easy way around it. Not only do you have to produce it, you have to optimize, analyze, tweak, and repeat multiple times a week for multiple weeks of the year. So, to say there is no easy button…is putting it mildly.

Use Title Tags, Headers & Meta Descriptions Like A Pro

There was a time when keyword density meant the difference between good page rank and no page rank. You add a few key words here and there, make them more prominent with header tags and wait for your rank to rise. Thank goodness, search engines figured out that game because many of those pages were …

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