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Eat To Glow: 5 Foods That Heal Acne Breakouts

Pimples, Zits, Class Pictures, oh Sh*t It’s said that 80% to 85% of 11-30 year olds have acne breakouts. I was one of them. I remember being hit with a breakout just as we were taking student pictures. Sure, I smiled but still, it was like my face erupted out of spite. Embarrassing but normal …

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Coconut Oil: Hero, Villain, or Both

Coconut Oil: Hero, Villain, Or Both?

It’s official: coconut oil is the devil. It’s high in saturated fat will kill you faster than your daily steak and eggs  breakfast. Or is it that the oil is the ‘exotic’ superfood more people should eat? Confused? You’re not alone. Just as there’s a mountain of research lauding the drupe(one seed fruit) as a …

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